Postnatal Confinement 月嫂


坐月子是华人的传统 ,生完孩子妈妈需求专业的调养跟休息,以便让身体和精神从怀孕和分娩中恢复过来。 在妈妈还没从生产恢复过来之前,刚出生的宝宝又最需要24小时的照顾,很多父母都反应忙不过来. 这时候有个专业的月嫂帮妈妈准备营养的月子餐,帮忙打扫居家环境,照顾宝宝,妈妈在能悠闲地当新妈妈.

有了月嫂的帮忙 , 妈妈有更多时间来享受有宝宝的乐趣,学习养育宝宝的知识,有时间及精神恢复产前体态,而且在饮食、生理、精神等各方面都得到专业的护理,能够在最短的时间里恢复最佳状态,能在一定的时间内投入工作。

我们提供的月嫂有来自国内, 香港 及台湾 , 能基于妈妈的口味为您介绍不同的月嫂 . 我们的月嫂不只准备月子餐和照顾宝宝 , 她们还会做些家务让产后的妈妈在家里做月子有干净的环境更能放松心情.

我们的月嫂提供 一天24 小时服务,每周 7 天,持续 4 至 6 周。这意味着保姆将在夜间与婴儿睡在同一个房间,在需要时进行夜间喂奶和换尿布。这样妈妈就可以睡过夜了.


24/7 服务的月嫂每星期收费£1000,工作天数能依雇主需求而定, 收费将按工作天数比例递减.

有需要月嫂的请填写以下的 Enquiry Form:

Postnatal Confinement (Yuesao)

Yuesao is a tradition of the Chinese, where a mother is professionally nursed back to health from the rigours of child birth. For the first 4 to 6 weeks after giving birth. This is so the body and the spirit can recover from the pregnancy and childbirth. 

Our post natal nannies' job responsibilities are:

  • They do live-in, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week work.

  • They will take care of absolutely everything related to the baby and the mum. Including washing the baby, changing nappies to tidy up the baby's room. They will also sleep with the baby during the night, so you can rest properly.

  • They normally cook 5 to 6 meals a day for the mum (3 big meals and 2-3 small meals in between). 

  • Depending on the level of virginal tear during childbirth, some mums find it difficult to wash themselves. In this case the post natal nannies will keep you clean and and wash you if needed.

They normally charge up to £1000 per week for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, including cooking for you and your husband. If you would like them to work less days in a week, their charge will be deducted accordingly.


We only introduce post natal nannies with right to work in the UK (not those who hold tourist visas), 

We offer Post Natal Nannies from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. To suite any and all of your preferred traditional needs. If you need a Post Natal Nanny, please fill in the Enquiry Form Bellow:

Our Fee

At The Mandarin Nanny, we want to make the process of finding the right Post Natal Care as simple and easy as possible, that is why we charge a competitive one off fee with no hidden charge whatsoever.

We charge an one off agency fee of £1000 for a Post Natal Care (月嫂)'s placement 

* The Mandarin Nanny will only charge you the one-off fee after your Nanny has started working for you.