What you need to know...

Step 1

You sign the term of business with The Mandarin Nanny

Step 2

We send you CV's of nannies that fit your needs & requirements

step 3

You choose which nannies to interview, and we arrange the details for you

Step 4

Chose your favourite nanny and offer her the job!


Sign the employment contract with your nanny and the Nanny Payroll Company will arrange the payroll details for you

So what's the cost?


At The Mandarin Nanny, we want to make the process of finding the right Nanny as simple and easy as possible, that is why we charge a competitive one off fee with no hidden charge whatsoever.


The Mandarin Nanny service fee: 5 weeks of the Nanny's net weekly salary 

* The Mandarin Nanny will only charge you the one-off fee after your Nanny has started working for you. 


Full-Time Nanny


A full-time nanny means someone who works 8 - 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. Most of our full-time nannies are British/European residents with a right to work in the UK. They could be qualified or experienced and more often not both. A full-time nanny would be expected to undertake all childcare duties ranging from child related housework, taking and collecting from School or Nursery to organising a safe, fun and educational timetable for your children. You decide the hours that your nanny works but the average is a 8 - 12 hours a day. It is a completely flexible type of childcare and you tailor it to fit in with your family perfectly. A full-time Mandarin speaking nanny has a hourly net pay of £12 - £14. The types of full-time nanny are:

  • Live-out Full-Time Nanny: A Live-out nanny means someone who does not live with your family. This type of nanny normally changes £12 - £14 net per hour or £600 - £750 per week.

  • Live-in Full-Time Nanny: A Live-in nanny is the perfect answer if you work long hours or are away from home a lot. They would need their own bedroom. A live-in nanny is cheaper than a live-out full-time nanny. They have a weekly net pay of £500 - £600.


Your nannies' duties can range from preparing meals to planning weekend activities. The following is a list of the more commonly desired duties;

  • Picking children up from schools/nurseries

  • Teaching children Mandarin

  • Home work assistance 

  • Preparation of health meals for children

  • Preparing dinners for the family

  • Basic house keeping (upon parents' requests)

  • Arranging play-dates and social schedule​

  • Planning children’s extracurricular activities​

  • Keeping the parents informed of developmental progress

Part-Time Nanny


A part-time nanny means someone who works no more than 20 hours a week. It can be mornings, afternoons or a couple of days a week. A great amount of our part-time nannies are Master's or PhD students in the UK with student visas that allow them to work 20 hours a week. A part time mandarin speaking nanny usually earns a hourly salary of £13-£15 net. The popular types of part-time nanny are:

  • After School Nanny: An after school nanny would collect your children from school/nursery, look after them and help them with homework until you come back home. An after school nanny normally works 3 - 5 hours a day, no more than 20 hours a week.

  • Weekend Nanny: A weekend nanny would come to look after your children for the weekend, they will design fun and educational activities for them, and undertake child minding duties over the weekend. Some of them can stay overnight from Friday evening if required.


There are various responsibilities that Parents must fulfil when hiring a nanny, such as:

  • It is the employer's (parents) responsibility to pay the tax and NI based on the employee’s gross salary.

  • Employer’s Liability Insurance must be in place

  • An employment contract should be in place agreed by both parties

The payroll can be run by an outside company and this makes the whole process much easier and straightforward with a small fee of £200 - £300 a year.  They will set the whole thing up for you and saves you all the trouble. We recommend a nanny payroll company called Nannytax (


Employers Liability Insurance must also be taken out if it is not already on your household insurance policy. Nanny Tax ( and Morton Michel ( both offer stand alone policies

Please note that you do not need to register for PAYE with HMRC if your Nanny is paid less than £155 a week. However, you must keep payroll records.